Sage’s Winter Souls – 33mm Liquid-Core D20 Sharp Edge Resin Dice

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Sage’s Winter Souls – 33mm Liquid-Core D20 Sharp Edge Resin Dice

Gaze into the Sage’s Orbs and take a glimpse of your destiny!

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Gaze into the Sage’s Orbs and take a glimpse of your destiny!

This exquisite sharp edge resin giant 33mm D20 features the same cold-grey/transparent resin with white/purple glittered liquid core and silver ink as our best-selling Winter Souls 7-piece Dice Set! The die is masterfully designed with glittered liquid core that swirls upon rolling. Featuring crystal clarity, smooth surfaces, and ultra-sharp edges as our Winter Souls 7-piece set, all of which are a hallmark of exceptional quality in a sharp-edge resin dice set. Be the envy at the table with this beautiful and unique die!

• A “must have” for intermediate-level dice collectors

• Set includes one 33mm D20 (other dice pictured are for comparison purposes only)

• Material: sharp edge resin, glass-encased water-based liquid core

• Color/style: transparent cold-grey tones with white/purple liquid core and silver ink

• Includes complementary Sage’s Portal tin box

• Some color/design variation may be present due to the product being hand made

• Ships out of US and free shipping in US

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions9 × 7 × 2 in

10 reviews for Sage’s Winter Souls – 33mm Liquid-Core D20 Sharp Edge Resin Dice

  1. GMV

    This is my fifth time purchasing from Sages Portal and as always they do no disappoint. My favorite dices are the liquid cores (I bought four sets) and when I saw there’s a bigger version for the d20, I knew I had to get at least two of them. The item matched the description and most definitely met my expectations.

  2. Vandralon

    Really nice sized D20 and it looks beautiful when rolled. There’s not as much mylar glitter in the resin as I would have expected, but the colors of the glitter in the orb are spot on. My first one had an issue where it looked like there was an internal bubble that had formed where the orb had been sealed, and the seller was great about giving me options for replacing the item.

  3. Colin

    So much better than the normal sized d20, thé weight is better, the core is better, highly recommend

  4. Kendall

    I am very happy with this item! The die came well packaged in a cute branded tin & branded bag and the quality is excellent. The resin has very subtle holographic shards and the lettering is precise. When you roll the die, it looks like a captured storm! Very beautiful. I bought it as a gift but I am very tempted to keep it myself!

  5. Blake

    beautiful large D20 that I look forward to rolling!!!

  6. Jason

    The die is gorgeous. The glitter inside is pearlescent and small enough that it almost looks like fine silt instead of confetti. The shell of the die is a smoky gray color that contrasts very well with the silver of the numbers. The die looks great when at rest and the glitter has settled to the bottom and also amazing when the glitter is swirling around inside. The edges are quite sharp for a chonk d20. Worth the money, met my expectations.

  7. Lizbeth

    First time ordering from here and I gotta say, the dice is great. Better then the picture. Will definitely order again.

  8. Tori

    Pictures dont do this thing justice, it is GORGEOUS! Its huge and is the best addition to my collection. Will definitely be ordering a full set soon!

  9. Korey

    The liquid-filled dice sets are beautiful on their own, but the chunky d20 really lets you see the effect from across the table. Beautiful craftsmanship and pristine design. I’ll be back for more

  10. Kit

    Great customer service! I was initially given the wrong item and had a bit of a mishap with the return. They were very patient with me and even gave me a bonus acrylic set for the trouble. The d20 is absolutely gorgeous~

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