Sage’s Trees – Brown/Chestnut/Black Technical Wood White Ink Polyhedral Dice Set

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Sage’s Trees – Brown/Chestnut/Black Technical Wood White Ink Polyhedral Dice Set



Grasp the essence of creation with a Sage’s Tree!

This exquisite wood 7-dice set features brown/chestnut/black colored technical wood in it’s earthly beauty. The dice are minimalist, intricate, and elegant. The feel of natural wood texture in your hands before a roll feels proper and traditional.

• Great for most tabletop RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun

• Set includes one D20, D12, D10, D00, D8, D6, and D4

• Material: technical wood

• Color/style: brown/chestnut/black colored technical wood / white ink

• Includes complementary Sage’s Portal tin box

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Black, Brown


    Amazing! These are beautiful. Great for gameplay.
    Jaity Kae
    Wow! Arrived sooner than delivery estimate and they are such a beautiful set of dice. The banding is clear and vibrant in rich natural tones just like the description. 100% recommend this seller and everything they offer
    Beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for.
    Stunningly amazing dice, couldn't recommend more. Just buy 'em!
    Truly truly truly, this was the best purchase. So perfectly worth it. First of all, the dice are stunning. They are even and light and sleek. When I got these dice, I thought I was just paying for dice. Not only did I get the high quality wood dice I’d wanted, but I got a dice carrier and a beautiful sleek leather dice bag with a wicked cool design. I cannot recommend this enough to those curious. Additionally, I am a sucker for notes. And they wrote me a personal note which I find so wholesome. Thank you thank you thank you for this!

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