Sage’s Spell Sleeves Matte Green Exceptional Durability 66mmx91mm Card Sleeves

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Sage’s Spell Sleeves Matte Green 66mmx91mm Card Sleeves

Cast a spell of protection for your cards with Sage’s Spell Sleeves!


Cast a spell of protection for your cards with Sage’s Spell Sleeves!

Stylish and deceptively simple, our Matte Green Spell Sleeves are perfect to protect your treasured trading cards. Each set comes with 100 sleeves that measure 66mm x 91mm, perfect for most standard trading card games! The textured matte backs come in elegant green, and give a great shuffle feel, while the crystal clear fronts allow your cards to shine. We designed these card sleeves with the help of our valued customers in our Board Game Café. Together we ensured that the sleeves are smooth, shuffle easily and the corners don’t catch. Our Spell Sleeves are also easy on the hands, meaning they protect both you and your precious cards!

  • Includes: 100 Matte Green Card Sleeves
  • Size: 66mm x 91mm
  • Fits: 66mm x 88mm Cards
  • Color: Matte Green

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