Sage’s Orbs – Winter Souls Liquid Core Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set

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Sage’s Orbs – Winter Souls Liquid Core Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set

Gaze into the Sage’s Orbs and take a glimpse of your destiny!

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Gaze into the Sage’s Orbs and take a glimpse of your destiny!

This exquisite sharp edge resin 7-dice set features grey/transparent resin with white/purple glittered liquid core and silver ink. The dice set are masterfully designed with glittered liquid core that swirls upon rolling. The dice are oversized and features crystal clarity, smooth surfaces, and ultra-sharp edges, all a hallmark of exceptional quality in a sharp-edge resin dice set. Be the envy at the table with this beautiful and unique dice set!

• A “must have” for intermediate-level dice collectors

• Set includes one D20, D12, D10, D00, D8, D6, and D4

• Material: sharp edge resin

• Color/style: transparent grey tones with white/purple liquid core and silver ink

• Includes complementary Sage’s Portal tin box

• Some color/design variation may be present due to the product being hand made

• Warning:  transportation in freezing temperatures will cause liquid to freeze and cause dice to crack

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions9 × 7 × 2 in

32 reviews for Sage’s Orbs – Winter Souls Liquid Core Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set

  1. Alisha

    These dice are so beautiful 😍 it took me a long time to decide on a set and I eventually chose these. I couldn’t be happier. The tin they come in is nice and the price is amazing for the value. 100/10 would buy from here again!

  2. Kelly

    These dice are incredible! I got the ones with the liquid inside, which behaves exactly as advertised. The customer service is really great as well and helped resolve issues with shipping.

  3. Nina

    So, this literally shipped the same day I ordered the dice. I saw they were the last set available and I just couldn’t resist. They arrived just a few days later and let me just tell you, oh my gods the pictures don’t do them justice. They’re so well made and STUNNING. Highly recommend!

  4. Katelynn

    These dice are absolutely stunning and came in a great time! Will definitely be ordering again!

  5. Jennifer

    The liquid core was stunning. I loved how there was glitter so you could really see the liquid swirling. The dice were made of amazing quality plastic with really sharp edges. Would definitely highly recommend for yourself or as a gift.

    They also came with both a metal box and a faux leather dice bag, plus a nice note from the seller. Really impressed!

  6. Chas

    Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Additionally the seller put a personal touch on the product. These dice are amazing.

  7. Jace

    Love the look and quality of these dice! They have a really nice weight to them compared to my other sets and the rolls feel more fair. The effect of the liquid cores themselves is so cool, like little D&D snow globes! I would recommend these to any avid tabletop player, and I’ll probably look into getting more from SagesPortal in the future!

  8. Jake

    Absolutely stunning dice!

  9. Caitlin

    These are the coolest dice ever! Super well made, they have a perfect feel to them and they are like little Galaxy snow globes contained in each die! I am obsessed with them and cannot wait for my next session to use them! Plus the seller who I’ve bought from before on Etsy is so sweet and writes a personal little note on the shipping receipts and even included a little extra gift as a thank you!

  10. Alexandra


    I’m in love. 🤩 These are the most beautiful dice I’ve ever seen. I cannot wait to play with them! Thank you!!! 💗

  11. monkeylovestodraw

    I didn’t expect this to be delivered so quickly! Super impressed! These are absolutely gorgeous dice and I am looking forward to using them in my next session!

  12. Matthew

    it’s beautiful they are absolutely wonderful. I love the dice and the liquid inside is fantastic.

  13. Brandon

    They look amazing, and shipped earlier than expected.

  14. Rocky

    Sipped quick, looks wonderful! Very happy with my dice.

  15. Brittany

    The dice were beautiful and shipped quickly.

  16. Kristen

    beautiful set, but kept getting too distracted to roll!!! 😂

  17. Jamsey

    The shipping was so quick and the dice are just as spectacular as the pictures!

  18. Morgan

    These dice look great and arrived so quickly. Thank you!

  19. Meredith

    Words cannot describe how beautiful these dice are- and my camera doesn’t do it justice! These are absolutely gorgeous, they shimmer and glimmer when they roll, and I love them! Thank you so much!
    Also, thank you for the protective case and the pouch for the dice! I really appreciate it!

  20. Sharon

    Gorgeous liquid core set. Well worth the purchase. Shipping was quick and received both a ton and a leather bag for storage.

  21. Taylor

    SO IN LOVE WITH THESE absolutely gorgeous and exactly as described if not better can not wait to bring these out at the next session

  22. Alexa

    I absolutely adore these dice. They are good quality and the liquor cores are beautiful! Looking forward to getting more dice from this shop!

  23. Sage

    these dice are gorgeous! i could watch the glitter spin all day! and they arrived so quickly, the only problem i had was on arrival the percentile dice was cracked and leaking the glitter juice, but i do not believe this to be the fault of the seller and more a result of the recent coldsnap we’ve had causing the insides to freeze and burst

  24. Sky

    Stunning dice, carefully packaged and quickly sent!

  25. Allyson

    My husband is pretty picky with dice and he absolutely loved these! Great quality, and super fast shipping. Highly recommend!

  26. Zack

    Great looking dice, can’t wait to roll on game day!

  27. Brittany

    Stunning colors and precise sharpened edges makes me a happy gal haha. In love with the beauties I bought and have favored the shop for future goodies.

  28. Dillon

    Amazing dice! They have quickly become my favorite dice set! Mesmerizing to look at. Shipped the same day I ordered and received them within 3 days, so great and prompt service. Will definitely be looking here again for future dice either for myself or as gifts for others.

  29. annabelle

    Beautiful dice set, super nice clean, sharp edges, and the blue color is really nice, and translucent enough to really let you get a good look at the liquid core. Also, SUPER fast shipping. Mine was estimated to arrive five days after i ordered, and they came in four 🙂 Also came with a nice little dice bag.

  30. Michelle

    The dice are beautiful, and they’d be neat to have if you were into collecting dice, but I wouldn’t really suggest using them much in an actual game. If the liquid core isn’t perfectly in the dice’s center, they end up unbalanced and favoring certain sides over others, and that was definitely the case with the set I got. Luckily the company is good about accepting returns, and I was able to send them back without issue. If you’re just looking for some cool dice to have for show though, I can confirm they do look great.

  31. Alyssa E

    Just like the picture/description! Great feel to them, colors and iridescent speckles in the dice are awesome, and the liquid core is ✨stunning✨. Not to mention amazing packaging!

  32. Brady

    Very beautiful and lovely leather bag comes with it! Delivered 2 days quicker than expected which was awesome!

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