Sage’s Ocean Souls Liquid Core Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set

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Sage’s Orbs – Ocean Souls Liquid Core Sharp Edge Resin Dice Set



Gaze into the Sage’s Orbs and take a glimpse of your destiny!

This exquisite sharp edge resin 7-dice set features cyan/transparent resin with white/purple glittered liquid core and gold ink. The dice set are masterfully designed with glittered liquid core that swirls upon rolling. The dice are oversized and features crystal clarity, smooth surfaces, and ultra-sharp edges, all a hallmark of exceptional quality in a sharp-edge resin dice set. Be the envy at the table with this beautiful and unique dice set!

• A “must have” for intermediate-level dice collectors

• Set includes one D20, D12, D10, D00, D8, D6, and D4

• Material: sharp edge resin

• Color/style: transparent cyan tones with white/purple liquid core and gold ink

• Includes complementary Sage’s Portal tin box

• Some color/design variation may be present due to the product being hand made

• Warning:  transportation in freezing temperatures will cause liquid to freeze and cause dice to crack

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions9 × 7 × 2 in

Copper, Green


    My husband and I own a lot of dice and we agreed that these are the prettiest dice we’ve ever seen. Even prettier in person.
    I absolutely love these. Not only are they stunning and completely lack any bubbles/issues (they seem perfectly weighted when I turn them over in my hands + test rolls have been consistently random and don’t seem to favor any number in particular), they arrived two days earlier than expected. They shipped out the day I bought them, which I was surprised by. Overall, an incredible purchase well worth the money, and incredible service. Definitely going to purchase from this store again. I’m so excited to use these at my next in-person game! :)
    These dice are superb! they glitter and shine every time you roll them and it's so mesmerizing! Highly recommend!
    Absolutely beautiful dice! Some of the liquid cores have a tiny bubble, and are a bit off center in the die, but these things are to be expected in hand crafted dice, and it is obvious that a lot of though and care went into these dice.
    I feel like a siren swimming in the depths of this dice. Truly beautiful and extremely happy.
    Wonderful dice!! They are so gorgeous :) I own 2 different sets now! The pictures don’t do these dice justice!
    These dice are stunning! Even prettier in person!
    They are absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to use them in my next game. The packaging was very thoughtful and even came with a leather pouch for them.
    So pretty! Very sparkly :)
    Absolutely Beautiful 🤩

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