Sage’s Orbs – Enchanted Flower Purple Sharp Edge Resin Polyhedral Dice Set

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Sage’s Orbs – Enchanted Flower Purple Sharp Edge Resin Polyhedral Dice Set

Gaze into the Sage’s Orbs and take a glimpse of your destiny!

Sage’s Featured Collection

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Gaze into the Sage’s Orbs and take a glimpse of your destiny!

Sage’s Featured Collection

This exquisite sharp edge resin 7-dice set features purple flower and gold flakes design with gold ink. As part of Sage’s Portal’s featured collection, the dice set are masterfully designed with balanced textures and matching ink style. The dice are oversized and features crystal clarity, smooth surfaces, and ultra-sharp edges, all a hallmark of exceptional quality in a sharp-edge resin dice set. Be the envy at the table with this beautiful and unique dice set!

• A “must have” for intermediate-level dice collectors

• Set includes one D20, D12, D10, D00, D8, D6, and D4

• Material: sharp edge resin

• Color/style: transparent purple flowers and gold flakes with gold ink

• Includes complementary Sage’s Portal tin box

• Not recommended for heavy use in tabletop games

• Some color/design variation may be present due to the product being partially hand made

Additional information

Weight8 oz
Dimensions9 × 7 × 2 in

25 reviews for Sage’s Orbs – Enchanted Flower Purple Sharp Edge Resin Polyhedral Dice Set

  1. Ragan

    These dice are beautiful. They look better than in the pictures.

  2. Blairthulhu

    Wow wow wow. These dice are gorgeous! I was already blown away by the pictures, but they look even better in person! They were packaged with care, and the extra pouch was a welcome bonus. 🙂 They look truly amazing, and I’m so eager to show them off at our next session!

  3. darienmbradley

    These Dice are gorgeous! Very well made and they come in a sweet little tin. I can’t wait to use them in my next campaign!

  4. Kelly

    A beautiful set of dice! My friend LOVED them, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality! All of the inclusions are stunning as well!

  5. mwagar22

    These are so beautiful. I honestly can’t believe the quality for the price! So excited to add them to my collection!

  6. Michelle W

    I don’t collect dice, but I’m thinking of getting a pair of these for myself just because of how nice they feel. I bought these for my friend who loves to play D&D, and I fell in love with how beautiful these dice look. The pictures don’t do justice. I’ll definitely be buying another pair soon. I also really appreciate SagesPortal giving me a leather pouch! My friend will be thrilled!

  7. Jennifer

    Absolutely stunning dice! Worth every penny!!!

  8. Madeline

    I bought these for my friend for their birthday and they absolutely adored them!! It came in a beautiful metal tin and their first roll in game was a natural 20! (Don’t worry, they aren’t unbalanced, just a very special coincidence) the gold is vibrant and the ink is absolutely stunning to look at! Very very quick with their shipping and delivery! No complaints!

  9. Nolan

    stunningly gorgeous dice, fast shipping, and great sellers. they gave me a free dice pouch, how very kind of them

  10. Emily

    These dice are STUNNING! The pictures truly don’t do them justice, and they were delivered super fast! The dice came in such cute packaging along with a cute tin, and they even included a cute little leather dice bag for free!! This was such a wonderful buying experience for my first set of dice 💖 I usually never leave reviews but I was just so impressed and blown away, I had to show my appreciation. So thank you for being such a wonderful shop and making my week! Oh, and by the way, I love the logo too, lol.

  11. Samantha

    these dice are absolutely stunning in person. I love them. I am excited to use them in our upcoming games

  12. Sasha

    Very beautiful dice! I got these for a friend who dm’s two campaigns for one of her NPCs. They seem very balanced and no noted faults.

  13. Jeremy

    Great dice, shipped very quickly. 10/10!

  14. Laura

    Pictures can’t do them justice. This set is absolutely beautiful. I got them to match my Tiefling Druid and they are immaculate!

  15. Syth

    great quality item. my friend loved it

  16. Sydney

    I love the color of the flowers and flecks of gold inside the dice! they love so magical and beautiful! I can’t wait to show them off to my D&d group!

  17. Jessica

    I love these. First roll was a Nat20 so good things will come from these dice.

  18. Steven

    Bought these for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves them! They shipped faster than I expected and the quality matches the pictures perfectly! Highly recommend.

  19. Ander

    Hands down the most beautiful set of dice I’ve ever received. I bought them as a gift and they exceeded my expectations. Well worth the cost!

  20. wildflower213

    Such beautiful dice, and the packaging was on point! Definitely will be ordering more in the future!

  21. Amber

    I am beyond excited about these beautiful dice ~ I’ve had my eye on them for a while and absolutely love them! The flowers and gold flakes are just perfect. Thank you!

  22. Emily

    Beautiful dice! We bought these as a gift and the recipient loved them. They seem very high quality and the design is awesome.

  23. Jaity Kae

    Super beautiful set and the flowers well so small were still incredibly vibrant

  24. Abigail

    They are beautiful and the friend I got them for love them! Her character is loosely based off of Princess Tiana and the dice set match perfectly! Highly recommend shopping through them! they are great people!

  25. Willow

    Arrived soo fast. Practically overnight! Love my new dice! Thank you so much!☺️

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