Sage’s Enchanted Morningstars – Nickel/Black Metal Polyhedral Dice Set

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Sage’s Enchanted Morningstars – Nickel/Black Metal Polyhedral Dice Set

Equip yourself with Sage’s Enchanted Morningstar to pummel your enemies!


Equip your self for max damage with Sage’s Enchanted Morningstar!

This exquisite metal 7-dice set features a unique ornamented spiked ball design. The dice are solid making them feel balanced, heavy, and strong.

• Great for most tabletop RPG games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun

• Set includes one D20, D12, D10, D00, D8, D6, and D4

• Material: zinc alloy

• Color/style: spiked morningstar design with nickel body and black inlay

• WARNING: the dice are heavy with metal spikes – usage of a dice mat is highly recommended. Dropping the dice on surfaces or limbs, and stepping on the dice may cause damage. Not suitable for children.

• Includes complementary Sage’s Portal tin box

Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions9 × 7 × 2 in

Black, Nickel


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