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Real Happiness

We are real people who love tabletop gaming and cool

dice! Our business is your happiness and satisfaction through bringing you the best products.

Exceptional Quality

Our collections are meticulously handpicked and are some of

the highest-quality products you will find on price-to-value comparisons.

Fast Friendly Service

We take great pride in providing great service to our fellow adventurers! Expect quick replies and quick resolution if by chance issues arise.

Free Shipping in US

We offer free shipping for all standard dice products

because we believe you should not have to worry about shipment fees if possible.

Step through the Sage’s Portal into a world of gaming! 

We are tabletop gamers who believe that you deserve high-quality, high-value, and high-accessibility equipment for your gaming and collecting needs. 

Through our years of gaming, we have experienced the pains of having to “make-do” with subpar, “improvisational” equipment. We have used mix-matched low-quality dice, resealable plastic bags used for dice storage, and towel-draped dining room tables as makeshift equipment.

Purchasing high-quality gaming equipment is excessively expensive and the quality of the products you purchase from a random online seller is literally like rolling dice.  From this, we have created Sage’s Portal as a brand that you can trust for best quality, value, and service, and to be proud to own and display at the gaming table.

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